Pour que votre enfant apprenne une langue seconde, confiez-le à une baby-sitter bilingue... Cet article du New York Times – "Looking for Baby Sitters: Foreign Language a Must" – pèse le pour et le contre.

"Although a majority of parents seeking caretakers for their children still seek ones who will speak to their children in English, popular parenting blogs and Web sites indicate that a noticeable number of New York City parents are looking for baby sitters and nannies to help their children learn a second language, one they may not speak themselves.

Parents cite different reasons for hiring baby sitters and nannies to speak a second language with their children. Some struggled to pick up foreign languages and want to make life easier for their children. Some believe it makes them smarter. And naturally, this being the melting pot that is New York, many parents have a connection to another language and want to reinforce it."

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Source : The New York Times, 18/08/10