Pour pouvoir travailler en Europe, mieux vaut savoir parler français ou allemand : "If you are an engineering graduate or student eyeing job in European Union, then in addition to the mandatory soft skills and art of communication, you would better add a course in French or German language to your academic kitty."

Une délégation de la Anna University a pu le constater sur le terrain, notamment en Belgique, en Suisse et en France : "The industry representatives told us that if our students learnt French or German they will turn out to be ready-made human resources for the companies there. Otherwise, the new recruits from India would have to learn the language after joining the company."

Mais dans cette université du sud de l'Inde, les cours de français sont optionnels et ne sont pas pris directement en charge : "The Anna University already offered optional certificate courses in Japanese and French for its students for a heavily subsidised sum. "Teachers from Japan and France themselves teach the students and their salaries are paid by their own governments," the vice chancellor said."

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Source : The Times of India, 28/09/10