Une étude réalisée au Royaume-Uni montre qu'internet modifie notre rapport à la langue. Les fautes d'orthographe ne dérangent plus personne, les enfants, notamment, qui ne font plus le distinguo entre un texte correctement rédigé et un autre qui ne l'est pas.

"Internet chatrooms and social networking sites are encouraging children to spell words incorrectly, research suggests. A paper released by the English Spelling Society concludes that the internet has revolutionised the English language, and made misspelling the norm. As people type at speed online, there is now a "general attitude" that there is no need to correct mistakes or conform to regular spelling rules, it says. But this means that children who have been brought up with the internet do not question wrongly spelt words.

The study says: "The increasing use of variant spellings on the internet has been brought about by people typing at speed in chatrooms and on social networking sites where the general attitude is that there isn't a need to correct typos or conform to spelling rules." The report's author, Lucy Jones, a former student at Manchester University, said: "We are now witnessing the effect these linguistic variations are having on children born into the computer age with such a high level of access in and out of schools. They do not question their existence.""

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Source : The Guardian, 22/11/10