Literate : "Qui sait lire et écrire ; (= educated) instruit ; (= cultured) cultivé." (Le Robert & Collins)

"Dylan William, professor of education at the Institute of Education, University of London, said children needed to have good reading skills more than ever. "Twenty years ago, you got a lot of information from television. Now it's from the internet – you have to be more literate.""

"Some 9% of all 11-year-old boys in state schools in England did not reach level three in their reading tests* this summer, statistics from the Department for Education reveal. Level two is the standard expected of a seven-year-old and means pupils only have an understanding of simple texts and cannot read independently. The government has said that by the age of 11, pupils should reach level four, at which point they are able to understand the major themes of a variety of texts and can to some extent read "between the lines"."

Pour Dylan William, "the problem was not identifying children who struggle with reading, it was finding money to tackle illiteracy. Intensive tuition and small class sizes helped children with sub-standard reading ages".

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Source : The Guardian, 17/12/10

(* The reading tests are part of national exams in maths and English – known as Sats – that children sit at the end of primary school.)