Selon une étude de l'OCDE, le fait de lire régulièrement avec ses enfants pendant leur première année de scolarisation peut avoir des effets bénéfiques à long terme : "An Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development analysis examined the long-term impact of parental support on literacy. Discounting social differences, the study found children with early support remained ahead in reading. It found a strong link between teenage reading skills and early parental help."

"The report says that parents did not have to be particularly well-educated themselves for this impact to be achieved. What was important was that parents read books regularly with their children – such as several times a week – and that they talked about what they were reading together. […] "Eating main meals together around the table and spending time just talking with one's children are also associated with significantly better student reading performance in school," says the OECD report."

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Source : BBC News, 08/11/11